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Love to all

Whats happened this summer?
  • Taken time to relax and reflect all that God has taught me over the months of Genetik
  • Had a few jobs doing some construction work
  • Went to Cornwall for Creation Fest
  • Had time to hang out with my Girlfriend (Rachel) who I had not really seen for the duration of Genetik
  • Had time to pray and prepare myself for whats next
  • Helped my uncle with the youth groups at his churc


For those of you who didn't get time to read my last update.
I will be moving back to Manchester at the end of this month, to start a 'Missions Internship' with 'The Message Trust'. Me and 3 others will be starting a band, to create music that is relevant to kids in High school and we will use that to communicate the Gospel.
And as you first read, we GOT a house where all 4 of us from the band will be living! God is good!

Prayer Requests

  • As I am going BACK into missions, I will still be needing people to support me financially, so please pray that, the money comes in. And maybe even pray about supporting me.
  • For Strength as I will AGAIN be leaving Rachel (my girlfriend) for another 12 months.

It's been a month since Genetik has done, but it feels like forever! Forever since I was with all 15 of those guys that I now call my family, forever since I was on mission travelling from place to place.and sometimes it's sad, because I miss it, I miss my friends and those who I now call family! But you know what? I think that makes it special! All of those memories, the amazing times and the really hard times, I know that I will forever hold those 10 months close to my heart and I wouldn't change them for the world!

Now! Onto what you have been waiting for Since my last blog, WHAT IS NEXT FOR JACOB KEMP?

A few months ago, me and 5 other Gentiks were approached by the leaders of our Genetik course and the leaders of the missions department here at the message. And we were asked if we would like to start a new 'schools band internship'. After a few months of praying, talking and proccesing we all said yes and are all going back in September to start a new band.

So that is my life for the next 12 months starting in September, we will be writing, recording, playing gigs and doing lessons in schools. I am very excited!

Thank you all who have followed me on this journey for the last 10 months, praying and giving.

Love you all!

And I hope that you will continue to follow me as I go into this next chapter of my life!


Our commissioning service all done! Genetik done! Love these guys!
Performing at the Local High School.

Our last week of mission, week 7 out of 7 we spent in a little town called Congleton, about 45 mines drive south of Manchester. A lovely place, if you ever get the chance I would always recommend it for a visit!

This week we go the chance to work the entire week with the 'GsusLive unit', which is a huge trailer fitted out with computers, projectors and a sound system and was built to go into schools so classes of students can have the change to go into this trailer and have an interactive lesson, learning about, rejection, fear and forgiveness all from a Christian perspective. We also got to play a couple of times around the school (picture above) promoting a gig that we would be doing later on that week.

Flyer promoting our gig. All of the kids we met got one of these.

More that we did that week was a couple of CU's (Christian Unions) in both high schools. We went in so that the kids could ask us questions about out faith over lunch break. But after Lunch had finished, the teacher from that classroom asked if we were busy and if not would like to stay and help teach the next lesson. So we stayed for the next lesson and did 'grill a Christian' and let the kids ask us anything the wanted. They asked us questions from, why are we Christians? to, do we think divorce is okay? or, do Christians dislike other religions? They we really smart kids, these are just some of the questions they asked.

I love question times like these, because these kids are obviously asking us this because they believe in something and are not sure, so they ask to find an answer. And who knows ,maybe the answer we give them will be what they start believing!

It was truelly God though that we got to do this lesson, Katrine was able to share her testimony and I ended the lesson with telling them that Christianity is NOT just a religion, it's about a relationship with the creator of the universe, it is about Love and I read them:

- 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. LOVE NEVER FAILS!

And the look on their faces when I told them this, when I spoke this over them! It was amazing and I know that God is gonna impact their lives!

Another awesome story from this week is, on the Tuesday night, we got to lead worship at their church. It was cool to let them sit and be still before their Lord and Creator and not have to worry about this, that or anything else.

During worship I felt God tell me that people in that room needed praying for, so I asked 2 of my team to stand at the front of the stage and wait.

During that time of prayer, someone recommitted their life to Jesus!!!! The leader that we were working with that week got prophetic words spoken over them! It was amazing! God was there, he was moving! And he is so Good!!

The last thing I wanna share with you guys about this week is our Gig.

That week, we met over 800 kids and invited them all to our gig for free! And we practiced and practiced and practiced.

But when 7 o'clock hit, there was only 25 kids there. At times like this, you can be discouraged at how little of people there are or you can say 'Lord, I know that every kid here, is here for a reason, you brought them here and that is enough for me!' And so with that atertude we rocked out and played a sick Gig. 2 people shared their testimonies and I preached the gospel and had a time for response.

I don't know who responded that night, but you know what? God knows, God knows what he is doing, and many seeds were planted that night. And the bible does say 'Gods word never comes back void!'

Please pray these kids, that what happened that night, will be the beginning of an amazing relationship, with Jesus Christ!!!

Missions has been amazing, and so exhausted! 7 straight weeks of travelling, schools work, kids work, music, churches and so much more. God has done so much and used us to do so much! I am so greatful that someone like me, so unworthy of Gods love, Loves me so much and uses me to help change and transform people's lives.

But not only has other people's lives been changed, so has mine! I am a different man than I was 7 weeks ago. I feel so much more confident in who I am and the fact that I am a son of God, I do not need to be anyone else but me. I must strive to constantly know Jesus more and more each and EVERYDAY, what I know about him is Never enough! And I am amazed an overwhelmed at Gods Grace!

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement over these past 10 months and especially these last 7 weeks.

Genetik is over in a week!

It has honestly gone SO fast! Only 1 week left, on June the 22nd is our commissioning and that's it, all over.

But what next? Well keep your eyes peeled for my next Blog and you will find out all about what the next phase in my life brings!

Love to all


Handmade people. Our team! They have been so amazing these past 7 weeks. It has been an honor to work with them! Our last photo together!

Hey again guys! Seven weeks of mission and this is week six! It was absolutely amazing and God has taught me so much over these past weeks! Week after week it has been so important to come back to God and constantly thank him for all of the amazing things that have happened.

It is so easy to use God as a vending machine, always asking him for things and never thanking him in return. Let us never get into this culture!

Our week in offerton was another great week! Full of loads of wonderful things!

This week we helped start a football academy in their local community centre and then invited all of the kids to a picnic the following day which ended in Sharing the fact that God loved each an every one of them!

Later on that day we had a movie night with all of the same kids, and that was manic! 50 kids in a small room all trying to watch a movie, eat snacks, talk, hilarious!!!

And the last 2 day we worked with the Eden bus, you may have read my blogs In the past, I mentioned working with the Eden bus earlier this year. It's an amazing evangelistic tool, and any kids in any community would love it! As you can see in the video above l, me and Ryan from Twelve24 (one of the schools bands), got to play before each of the God slots on the bus. It's been amazing How God has used me with my music over the past 6 weeks. Thank you Jesus!

This week God really taught me the importance of being like him! We are to be like Jesus always! Not when we want to or feel like it, always! Every minute that I was surrounded by kids they were watching everything we did, for some reason they think we are so cool! :) Don't forget that we are Gods kids, we need to be always showing God in our every action, and everything we say.

I love you all.

I'll post the last week of mission update soon.

Keep praying, only 2 weeks of Genetik left.



Our 5th missions week, all 3 missions teams together. We spent this week in Piccadilly gardens which is basically slap bang in the middle of Manchester.

We spent the week working with Crossfya (Part of MJK, a.k.a Make Jesus Known) and Twelve24, two amazing bands, if you haven't heard of them I recommend them. But they are not just amazing bands, they are amazing evangelists and it was an honor to be able to work along side them this week.

Every day we arrived at a cafe near by to pray for half and hour to an hour and then drove the van up, full of sound equipment, unpacked it and set it up in the middle of town. So every day was like a full on little gig. And we would spend a few hours playing songs, performing and as you can see in the picture above, that me and a few other fellow Genetiks got to perform to a huge crowd of people and show them the gifts that God has given us!!!!

But while we wern't playing or performing we would spend that time wondering around and meeting new people and telling them about Jesus. His is so good and can show up in every situation. There are countless testimonies from this week! So many people got saved, healed and prayed for, the bands told us at the end of the week that they had never seen God do that much in a week ever! Amazing!

But one of my favorite stories from that week was about a guy called Tom I think. Tom was homeless and has been so for about 2 and a half years. When I approached him to talk to him, he would respond, but everything that he sad was depressing, he told me that he was depressed and wanted to kill himself. He told me that he was hungry, so I got him some food and we stood and I told him about the love that God has for him. He listened and by the end of it I got to pray with him and he accepted God into his heart. Later on that day he was talking to another friend of mine from Genetik and asked her if she knew anywhere where he could stay, and she told him about something in Salford, but he complained and said he couldn't walk that far because he was born without a certain muscle in his leg. So my friend prayed for him, and she looked at him and his face turned white as a sheet. He looked down and grabbed his leg and then was like 'its better!!! WHAT?!?! That muscle, I've never had it and its there!!!'

God healed Tom and entered into his life! I saw him again the next day and he was a different man, a smile on his face and light in his eyes! Praise Jesus!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Please keep the prayers coming! I just told you what amazing things God can do! And that is fueld by your prayers!

You are all amazing!

Much love



Hello beautiful people.

On our fourth week of mission we spent working with and serving and Eden team that is in Eccles (West Manchester). It honestly was another great week! Seeing how they do things there in Eccles and being apart of all of the amazing things that they are doing there.

Teaching our lesson on Animal Testing

Hello beautiful people.

On our fourth week of mission we spent working with and serving and Eden team that is in Eccles (West Manchester). It honestly was another great week! Seeing how they do things there in Eccles and being apart of all of the amazing things that they are doing there.

During our week in Eccles we were asked to do a week of lessons in a local high school on 'The Christian belief on Animal Testing' and as you can see (above) we had loads of fun! We couldn't take to many pics because there are so many rules regarding children protection. But the amazing thing was that we got to get to preach the gospel through that lesson!! Whoop Whoop! We linked it all in and ended the lesson with telling the kids that God loves them and that Jesus died for them!

That week we saw about 200 kids in all of the classes that we taught and its amazing that we can say that all of those kids have heard the gospel! So please pray for them, that God will really break out in their lives!

Something else that we got to help out with this week was playing football with the local primary school kids, and being real Jesus role models to all of them

It was another great week and we know that all of the seeds that we have planted will continue to get watered by the people who will be with these kids in Eccles for the next few years, keep praying for my team as missions comes soon to an end

Love to all


Hello, hello beautiful people!
Mission week 3 was another cool week! We spent between sale and Stretford, (which is kind of south Manchester area) working with and serving a church called 'life church'.
This week we did loads of different things from taking over the church cafe and turning it into a a drop-in for the local high school kids as a safe place for them to hang out at and play with friends or hang out with us and let us speak into their lives. Even on the first day a kid came running in crying because he was being bullied and we got to hang out with him and speak truth of worth into his life! It's just amazing knowing that we were there at just the right time!
Also this week we helped run a few primary school aged kids clubs, one of then was a dance workshop. And yes I was dancing! Sorry there are no videos! Another one was a loss drop-in and for some reason everybody wants to be on the tall Mexican guy with dreadlocks team.
Me and Stig got another chance to play music together in their cafe also. And it as great to bless their church with some live music. At the beginning the manager didn't know what he thought about brining a live band in to play, but after our 2 hour set, he wants to have love music every Friday afternoon now. So, job done.
It was a great week with lots happening, but also a lot of down time, as we had stuff to prepare for the following week in Eccles.
God has been teaching me so much over these past few weeks! I am exhausted! But so full of joy! And it is so true!
Just wanna encourage you guys, whatever is happening on your lives, whether good or bad! Your Father, God he is there with you! Loving you helping you! Guiding you! Protecting you! And he wants to give you so much! You just gotta choose to lay yourself down and take it!
Love you all
PictureArriving in London
Hello beautiful people, friends and Family!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support, I would not be able to get through all that we have been through without your prayers, because God IS my strength and my rock, he is the one who fires me up each day to go out and tell people about Jesus, the one who gets me excited about walking up at 6:30 on the morning every morning. J

PictureDoing Youth Work
Our second week we spent in London, working with Eden Bow and Eden Plaistow, 2 amazing teams of people and if you are every around any of those areas please check out all of the amazing things that God is doing there. Our week in London was amazing and very much needed, I really enjoyed being outside of Manchester for that week and saw it as another faith building step, because being in Manchester in a way we are surrounded by people who we know and can fall back on in case something happens, but in London we did not have that and have to really completely on God, a faith building step indeed. 

PicturePlaying music at the Cafe in Plaistow
Our time in London was full of lots of different activities, spending half of our time with Eden Plaistow and the other half in Eden Bow. In Eden Plaistow we did a lot of local outreach, going out and talking to anyone that we felt called to talk to, telling them about the football academy that was launching that Sunday and telling them about our lives and what God has done in us. Stig and I spent a day playing music in the cafe that was run by the church, blessing the community of Plaistow and talking to anyone who came up and talked to us, getting to pray with someone and tell a few others about Jesus and lot of flyering promoting the football academy and helping with its launch that Sunday, after first leading worship at their church, and also Preaching. In Eden Bow that week we helped out with 3 schools lessons and led one of them, we also did some local outreach talking to the people around Bow. Something else that we did was outreach in the local community centre, helped teach a dance class and run a refurbished police van that had been transformed into a recording studio. I also go the chance to lead worship for their prayer night and be a part of various other prayer meetings. 
Thank you so much! More Updates will be up soon.
Until then, be blessed.
Much Love 

Riding the Tube
Preparing for a schools lesson
More Youth Work
Its sad to wake up to an alarm clock that reads 5:30am and especially when it’s that early and you are waking up late... That is just how week one of missions started. And what a brilliant week it has been, in all of its up AND downs.
So we spent week on in a local high school called ‘Cheadle Hulme High school’ shadowing Twleve24 a band that go into schools teaching lessons, doing assemblies and at the end of the week do a gig of which they invite all of the kids to.  (If you read my previous blog then it was the high school that I did 3 assemblies in over half term a few months ago)
It was incredible to see how Twelve24 do what they do, they are phenomenal at it! It is inspiring watching them and you could say ‘Learning from the best’. It is such a privilege that so many schools in Manchester open up and are letting Christians come in an speak openly of their faith! The entire week Twelve24 taught lessons on the subject of ‘Who is God?’ Telling testimonies and then preaching the gospel in a very relevant way at the end if each lesson.

Highlights from day one:

As I said it was great seeing what they were doing and the original plan was to go and watch Twelve24’s lessons for the first few days and by the end of the week be teaching our own lessons that we had been planning.  
After the first or second lesson of that day I got to talk to the year 7 girls, it was a great to talk to them and even after that boosted my confidence a lot in approaching people and talking to them.
Day one was our shortest day and got back to the message after lunch, it was strange having schools lunches again, and got to show the guys from Twleve24 our Lesson again, which ended in them giving us a few more tips and to show them again the next day.
Although it was the first day I was exhausted and to top it all off I got on the wrong bus home and ended up taking me 2 hours to get home…

 Highlights from day two:

Day 2 started on a high, all 4 of us roaring to go, but sadly less than an hour into the assembly that morning one of our team members, Katrine, got a message from her dad saying that there were some problems happening back home and that we would need to return. That put a huge!!! Damper on our team and meant that a lot of the stuff that she was going to do needed to be filled by someone else.
But the truth is, that Gos shines through all things! And at that lunch time I got to talk to 3 girls who were interested about Jesus, and praying and who is God, it was amazing! Sometimes we get embarrassed about our faith, but we shouldn’t, because most people generally know nothing and when you talk about it, their eyes widened, and they generally wanted to know about the creator of the universe!
And later on that day after another great day in school, me and 2 others were walking back from tesco when I threw some rubbish in a wheely bin only to be shouted angrily back by the owner of the wheely bin telling me that I had put rubbish in the wrong bin, so I turned around and walked back to him apologizing and told him that I would take the rubbish out if the bin, he clearly was not expecting that and was generally surprised and I know that I made his day, with that one random act of kindness. I know this is not that big of a deal, but it really taught me that we should be showing and expressing kingdom culture wherever we go!

Highlights from day three:

 Day three was another great day, loads more kids heard about God and the fact that he loves them! It really is amazing being able to go into school and tell Gods children that he loves them. But as I said before, Katrine was going to have to head home and so she booked her ticket home and would be leaving on the following Friday. So because of that we would not be able to do our lesson that we had planned in school that we as she had a huge part in it. But God is good and can flip everything for his glory!
One of the huge things that working with Twelve24 this week has helped me do and that is it has helped me step out of my comfort zone and really start telling people about my faith without caring about the consequences, God promises to always be with us, so why do we sometimes fear?

Highlights from day four:

A Strange thing happened this morning, I got the latest ‘Word4U2Day’ which is a daily devotional that I have been reading for the last few years and I opened up to find between its covers a picture of me(Below) advertising for next years genetik school, and the strange thing about this is, the reason I heard about genetik was because of a page in there promoting it. Its funny how God works sometimes.
It has been great being part of the team, the early morning and great nights are always worth it when it is for Jesus. Today we sold a lot more tickets to the concert that is happening on Friday, which is so exciting! And for some reason I a little bit like a celebrity walking round the school, lots of kids asked for fotos with me and for my autograph, defiantly a new experience!!!
As I said before Katrine would be leaving us on Friday, so for the next 2 weeks we would need someone to help us out as we are only 3 boys and would be great to have a female presence with us, especially traveling to places like London next week. So after much prayer and consideration, we chose Danielle from one of the other teams and she would be accompanying to London next week.

Highlights from day five:

 To finish of our incredible week, and we like to finish well! Twelve24 held a concert where about 250 students rocked up, ready to listen to some awesome music. They played a few songs of their own and it was great, the kids loved it and went absolutely mental.
At the end of the gig one of the guys from the band preached for a few minutes and then ended with asking if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their hearts. Between 50-60 put their hands up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise Jesus, God is so good!!! I was stood at the back of the gig looking after the cds and posters, and when I saw all of those kids lift up their hands to accept Jesus, my heart broke and I began to cry! God is so good!!!

After a long week of early mornings and late nights, seeing that just shows that with prayer and prayer and prayer, without giving up, God does amazing things! He blesses that! And also after a hard week, it really shows that John 12:24, God take the bad and make it good!
Thank you for all of your prayers and support, please keep my team and the other 2 teams in your prayers over the next 6 weeks of missions.
And I will be putting up a video of a lot of the highlights of missions at the end of the 6 weeks also.
Be blessed friends!!!!

Much Love

Jacob Kemp

Hey all friends and family, the date is the 18th of March and Manchester is as sunny as it ever has been, which is not very. I apologize for not being in contact for this lengthy period of time, but life has been so busy it has hard to find time to sit down and chat with you all.

I guess I will follow on from around where I last posted about the adventures of Jacob in Manchester….
I was last saying about all of the wonderful work that I had been doing with Betel of Britain, Eden Bus and TLG, as well as still working with the kids clubs that I had been placed with from September of last year.
I am gonna be honest, TLG was really tough, working with kids who have already been kicked out of school as you can imagine is gonna be pretty tough, I started to find myself in small ways trying to adjust things about me in a way to make the kids that I was working with like me. It hurts to get sworn at and yelled at from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, so of course if changing me was going to make them like me more, was obviously the best option right? WRONG. Being in TLG really helped me discover the fact that, I am a son of God, the King and I should be no one but who HE created me to be, so my little act of changing me to be more like them in order to be liked stopped and you know what, the last 3-4 weeks that I was there were the best weeks of the entire time, the kids then DID start warming up to me and I was really able to connect with them. And you know what else helped: 11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” –Matt 5: 11-12
Maybe we will get insulted, shouted at, or even persecuted because of our faith, but we should never hold back, God is good all of the time and he stands with us, strong through everything.

Betel, what did I learn from Betel? Well it’s kind of the reason that I named this Blog, ‘Always a Laugh to be Had’. Betel is full of Men and Women, who have come from addictions, addictions that have destroyed them in some way, whether it is that their families or friends no longer wants a relationship with them, maybe they now have a criminal record and would struggle to ever find a Job, or maybe it’s their bodies. And they do not have much, they work 6 days a week, early mornings, late nights, the clothes they have are donated to them, but yet through all of this, there is always a laugh to be had! And that is what truly happens when you find Jesus and allow him to transform him through the renewing of your mind. Paul in the Bible says: “Rejoice in the Lord Always, I say it again, rejoice.” –Phill 4:4 So why even with this statement that clearly says to ALWAYS rejoice, not when we choose to or feel like it, but always. Its there for the taking, choose to accept the Joy of the Lord and “Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you.” –Psalms 55:22. Working at Betel has really put what these verses mean into perspective for me.

Over the past few months I was able to go into a local Secondary School to tell kids about Jesus, we went in and taught 3 assemblies on the topic of ‘You are Unique’. It was an amazing experience, as it was the first time that I had ever done anything like that! The assembly had Dance’s in it, beat boxing, a song with dancing and beat boxing as well as Guitar –played by me- and singing, I also got the chance to give the talk, a five minute talking telling the kids how unique and special they are to God and that they should be a ‘First rate them, and not a Second rate someone else’. It was incredible to tell 150kids each day, so 450 kids in total, that THEY ARE UNIQUE and special and adored by a God who created them.

The last 2 terms have been amazing! And Now term 3 starts! Term 1 was mostly lectures, reading us and character building us as well as a few placements. Term 2 was some lectures and a lot more placements, this is where all of our character building got put to test. And now it is term 3.

Over the past few months we have been getting ready for this next term, our Genetik course was split into 3 teams, me being the leader of one of them. And over the past few months, as well as everything else we have been prepping for the next few weeks that our ahead. Missions weeks! So we have been creating schools lessons on: You are Loved, Bullying and Hurt and Assemblies on the same subjects, writing songs, dramas and talks. Making things, preparing to tell people about Jesus! And How amazing his Love is!
We are going all over Manchester, London and Congelton! Please keep us in your prayers as we travel for the next 4 weeks basically none stop, traveling from place to place. I am so excited of all that God is going to do in us and through us. Pray that people will be saved! Set Free! And that no one will be the same again! It is so exciting!
Thank you all for your Love and support!

You are all in My Prayers